About Us

Born out of a desire to get the most out of our adventures, without compromising on our health, Ocean Blend was formed in 2021. We, along with thousands of other adventure seekers, needed something that could fuel us through our time on the water.
Whether it be fishing, surfing, diving or just a busy day on the work site, we needed long-lasting clean energy, to be hydrated and to be able to get up and do it again tomorrow. Most importantly, however, we wanted to be able to do all this, with the benefit of knowing that we are consuming something that tastes good and is beneficial to daily performance. 

Ocean Blend is completely Australian-owned, operated and manufactured. 

WE VALUE that solo time out on the water gathering your thoughts.

WE VALUE that time shared with mates fishing and sharing stories. 

WE VALUE the places adventuring takes you - the unknown. 
WE VALUE spending time out doing what you love, and making the most of it. 

Get amongst it and #feelthedifference